Livelihood/Skill Development

The Hope aims at helping the poor & marginalized of the society. The organization, for the same purpose, provides job oriented training to the people in need. By providing electrician, plumbing & similar courses, The Hope, aims at helping people earn a decent livelihood for themselves.

The Hope Charitable Institution

The Hope Charitable Institution has been running in the Town Doraha was opened on 1 April 2019 and till now we have coached 400 students through our services such as Spoken English, Computer Courses which includes (Account and Tally, Adobe Photoshop, Basic Computer).This institute is a service provider.

The Hope Charitable Institute is part of The Hope Society. The Society believes that it is the education & learning that can bring about the true transformation in society, making it both economically & socially better. This is the guiding spirit with which the Society has established the Institution, to shape the young mind by giving knowledge of different subjects and fields. This knowledge makes a child perfect in the field of his choice for future life. One cannot achieve perfection without ample knowledge. The mind starts getting power with the input of knowledge in the student’s life period. This educational activity keeps on developing the mind towards perfection an important part of personality. The student becomes powerful in respect of maximum use of his IQ. Once the IQ level is developed, it does not come down throughout the life of the student. He becomes a good and perfect citizen of the country.

The motto of our Institution is to create an academic atmosphere in the Institute and develop the student’s all-rounder personality mentally, socially and spiritually. This academic atmosphere provides chances for the students to make a good and perfect personality.

Knowledge is an essential part of human life. Gaining and creating knowledge are two important activities of any human being. Student’s life is a period of gaining knowledge and then the personality of these students starts creating knowledge in their respective fields. This knowledge becomes a real power of the students. Our motto is to develop it.

The Hope Relay

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